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Moscow Charter School Plant Club

How to Care for an Ivy Plant:


Watering indoor plants is much more critical than outdoors. Water when the soil feels dry on the surface. Give the plant enough water to saturate the entire root system and drain out the bottom. Do not leave them sitting in water.


Provide ivies with as much natural light as possible but do not locate in a window with direct afternoon sun. If your house is dark and offers little natural light, keep near a lamp.


Ivies are happy in most any temperature but they prefer cool nights.


Most of our homes in the winter are hot, dry, dark and have very poor air circulation and we crowd plants together for the little light that is available. These are the perfect conditions for all sorts of pests including insects and diseases. Do not locate plants near the door where they get blasts of cold air regularly. Space them out and make sure they are getting some air movement.


Ivies do like some humidity. If your house has forced hot air heat you might want to consider a way to add moisture to the air. It can be as simple as setting a container of water in among your house plants.

Another helpful solution is the pebble tray. Fill a shallow tray with pebbles and add water to the tray until it nearly covers the pebbles. You can set the pots of ivy right on top of the tray. As the water evaporates it will add moisture to the air around the plants. Never allow the pots of ivy to sit in the water. A word of caution, do not allow the humidity to be too high in hot dark houses with little or no air circulation. That can be worse than no humidity. The pests that will attack your plants love those conditions.

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