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3/2/2017 - Classroom Communication

Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment That Kids Need

My students need 20 active learning stools which are solidly built from plastic and will allow students to be wibbly-wobbly in a constructive way!

My Students

We are a STEAM School- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. We seek to embrace this through hands-on and exploratory learning. Middle school science implements a spiraling curriculum that teaches the three main science disciplines- earth, life, and physical sciences.

We have a strong family feel and students know they are welcome, accepted, and therefore excel!


The 3 grades in the middle school part of our K-8 School rotate through three teachers for core classes in the morning and then have electives in the afternoon.

My Project

"Flexible classrooms empower student choice, increase student engagement, and improve student participation" (Edutopia).

How many adults find it acceptable to be stuck in hard, uncomfortable chairs for their entire work day?

If we wouldn't put up with it, then why force our students to do it? The stools will allow students a break from traditional seating in other classrooms.

Three reasons why having flexible classroom seating is a good idea: students' grades improved, students seem happier and more engaged, and students are participating more and having more invigorating conversations (edutopia).

The stools that I am seeking make it much easier for students to stand/sit/kneel and they won't suffer from broken legs or a cracked seat! Because they are one solid piece with a slightly rounded bottom, students can rock and roll to their hearts delight (and they won't be able to lean back in their chair and risk a head injury!). The room will, of course, continue to have a few traditional chairs for students who prefer that kind of seating.

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