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Moscow Charter School

MCS Expansion

MCS Expansion

Dear MCS Families,

As you are aware, MCS has added a 7th grade class this year and will be adding an 8th grade class in the fall of 2014. We are going to need to add some extra space since we do not have an additional classroom for the 8th grade.  We hope to add not only a classroom but some additional multi-use space. MCS uses its facilities very efficiently, but we know our staff and students would appreciate more room to work at times!

In addition to these changes, the kindergarten will be moved next year from the Lang Center (its current location) to the main building. Mr. Bonuccelli and the board feel that not only will it be safer to have our youngest students farther from the street and less isolated, but also that it is better not to have them walk back and forth all day in all weather.

At this point the board is exploring long-term options that will add space in time for our 8th grade addition in Fall 2014, and that will also give MCS the best possible facilities in the longer term. This process will include both facilities and use planning and design, and fundraising efforts to pay for our new facilities. The board has already begun this process and we hope to soon begin holding public meetings for all our families who are interested in participating. We are also forming a Capital Projects Committee, and we would like to invite any interested parents to join. We especially welcome inquiries from MCS friends and family who have experience in architectural design and planning, project management, or fundraising.

Here is a list of the changes that MCS will see in the coming year:

• Add 8th grade in Fall 2014

• Add at least one extra classroom, and preferably more multi-use space

• 5th grade, in the middle school class rotation this year, will go back to being its own homeroom with one teacher

• Hire one additional teacher for the 5th grade opening

• Move kindergarten from the Lang Center to the main building

This is an exciting time to be at MCS, and particularly to be on the Board of Directors and help guide MCS through the changes ahead. The Board currently has open seats and welcomes inquiries from any family members, friends, or other Moscow area residents who would like to consider joining our team.

Please feel free to contact me or the MCS office if you have any questions about these changes or if you wish to contribute your time and expertise to the MCS Board or to our Capital Committee.  I look forward to hearing your constructive suggestions for ways MCS – Idaho’s first charter school – can plan for, and move forward into, our future.

Very sincerely yours,

Leslie Baker

Chair, MCS Board of Directors, and parent to Rose Sprenke, 5th grade

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