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Moscow Charter School

First Grade

First Grade Class

The following is a brief list of what will be covered in first grade this year.  It is not an exhaustive list.  There may be some deletions or additions, especially in the areas of science and social studies.
Addition and Subtraction facts
Basic addition and subtraction with two digit numbers
If time allows, borrowing and carryring with two and three digit numbers
Clocks – telling time to every 5 minutes
Beginning algebra – example… (10-4) + ?=8
Money – counting change
Place value problems
Basic Geometry
Basic Fractions
Reading through Book Five in the Harcourt reading series
Gaining basic sight words to at least a 2nd grade level
Passing Spring IRI state reading inventory
Gaining adequate phonics skills to a second grade level
Register a second grade score or better on a Star Reading Test
Students will write four cohesive sentences or better on a certain topic
Students will correctly write beginning Doche list words correctly
Students will start sentences with capital letters and end sentences with an end mark.
Students will pass spelling tests that largely come from Harcourt Reading series.
Social Studies:
Columbus, Thanksgiving story, Christmas traditions, Abraham Lincoln,  Civil War
George Washington, Martin Luther King Junior, Great Discoverers
Basic Geography, Social studies of people in groups of various sizes
Sharks, Solar System, Circulatory System, Heart, Five Senses, Four Seasons
Other interesting subjects in science.

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