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Moscow Charter School

About Us

About Us

What makes us different?

  1. Our policies and curriculum are based on new ideas instead of doing things because “we’ve always done it this way”.
  2. Parents are very involved and are critical to the progress of the school, contributing in every way from helping in the classroom to serving on the Board of Directors.
  3. Teachers are chosen because of their demonstrated effectiveness and are given the freedom to teach in their own way.
  4. Classes are small, averaging eighteen students per class, and several classes have full-time aides and tutors.
  5. There are more computers in the classroom than you might be accustomed to seeing, averaging  about one for every two or three students. Computers, Smart Boards, the Internet and other technologies are integrated into most classroom activities.
  6. We believe that early enrichment enhances the intellectual development of a child.
  7. We believe that creativity and problem solving can be taught.
  8. We want our students to develop "successful intelligence" as well as academic skills.
  9. We believe that it is possible to individualize education within a group setting by conducting an accurate assessment of each child, aligning the curriculum from grades K-8th, and placing students in classes based on achievement data.
  10. We have specialists providing instruction in art, theater, technology, music, physical education, and movement.  


  • The core curriculum is varied and offers a broad range of study in language arts, math and science as well as technology and the arts. Our basic curriculum for each student includes classes in basic skills as well as art, music, movement, theater, and environmental education.
  • Math, language arts, science and social studies classes are taught by the classroom teacher. Classes in technology, art, music, movement, physical education, and theater are taught by specialized teachers who have experience working with young children. Because teachers at Moscow Charter School are supported by a professional staff of specialists they can give more attention to teaching the basics to each child. 


  • Moscow Charter School has a unique technology program that emphasizes creative uses for computers. Our philosophy is to teach each student to use the computer as a tool for solving academic problems and enhancing problem-solving skills.
  • All students have access to computers. Students are taught to use a variety of computer programs, a programming language called Logo and robotics to encourage problem solving and creativity as they complete their academic tasks.


  • Our philosophy is that a child who is relaxed and comfortable is an efficient learner. The lighting, acoustics, and interior design of each classroom provide comfortable work stations and freedom of movement.
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios and individualized instruction offer each student the opportunity to firmly learn basic reading and writing skills at lower elementary levels.
  • Moscow Charter School offers a block schedule (k-6) with opportunities for advancement to the next grade whenever the student is socially, academically, and physically ready. Students experience flexibility within the system as they have the opportunity to attend classes above or below their immediate grade based upon skill level.


We believe every child is gifted in some way.  We are committed to each child’s success by helping them develop their own gifts in an academically rigorous but supportive atmosphere.





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